16 April 2006

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary - 7th Ed

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary
Seventh Edition

Upper-Intermediate to Advanced

The Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary is the world’s bestselling advanced learner’s dictionary, recommended by learners of English and their teachers, and used by 30 million people. It has more words and wider coverage than any other advanced learner’s dictionary: new words, words from World Englishes, study words used in the sciences, maths, computing, literature, and business. It is the only advanced learner’s dictionary to list the most important words you need to know in English: the Oxford 3000™ .

Key features:
•183,500 British and American words, phrases, and meanings, plus 85,000 examples showing how words are used.
•20,000 word origins explained on the COMPASS CD-ROM.
•Over 200,000 extra example sentences on the COMPASS CD-ROM.
•2,000 new words and meanings from British and American English, such as offshoring, life coach, sex up, wi-fi.
•5,000 study words used in the sciences, maths, computing, literature, and business.
•700 entries for words from Australia, Canada, East Africa, India, New Zealand, South Africa, and West Africa.
•Oxford 3000™: the only reliable list in a dictionary to identify the 3,000 keywords students need to know.
•Special entries for words on the Oxford 3000 list, with extra information on synonyms, collocations, and extra examples to extend vocabulary.
•7,000 synonyms and opposites shown.
•200 special synonym notes covering 1,200 synonyms.
•Illustrations and photographs explain 2000+ words.
•Labelled illustrations show related vocabulary.
•32 colour pages illustrate groups of words such as extreme sports, music, etc.
•Colour maps - much appreciated by teachers and students.
•2,600 encyclopedic entries to explain references such as Walter Mitty, Fort Knox, Marie Celeste, Peter Pan, Beacon Hill.
•Over 10,000 entries on every aspect of British and American culture on the COMPASS CD-ROM.

The Compass CD-ROM has:
•Everything that’s in the 7th edition
•Everything in the Oxford Learner’s Wordfinder Dictionary and the
•Oxford Guide to British and American Culture.
•Information on 20,000 word origins.


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